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Membership in SEPOS is open to all who are interested.


The Membership Year runs from September to August.           Annual Membership Fees:

  • $35 - Individual

  • $50 - Household (2 or more members at the same address)

  • $15 - Supporting (non-voting)

  • $15 - Student (non-voting)

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1. Simply complete the form on the right. Don't forget to click Submit.


2. Select membership type and click the payment button below to access PayPal. Use your PayPal account or credit card to remit membership dues.

Optional Method:

Download and complete hardcopy form then mail with check.

Membership Application
Choose One:
Membership Type:

Please share information about your level of interest and/or experience and indicate ways in which you would like to participate in the organization (e.g. hospitality, meeting set up, Away Shows, Annual SEPOS Show and Sale, etc.)

Thanks for joining!

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